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During the spring of 2015, DMC was holding its final hearings. At about the same time Major Jim Frye from the Salvation Army had spoken with the Rochester Area Interfaith Leaders about his concerns related to DMC and how the Salvation Army’s community service buildings were not on the DMC map. Such services are critical services and many issues were raised regarding accessibility and the impact on social services by DMC.

These concerns were brought back to the Justice and Peace Ministry Team of Congregational Church UCC. After discussion, the team decided to appear before the final DMC meeting asking for a social impact statement, and they made plans for what would be the first In the Shadow of Growth Forums on June 17, 2015. Presenters were individuals from the community services area. With approximately 120 concerned community members in attendance, it was felt that a second forum would be held to gauge from those community members to see what direction the group would be from there.

So, a community group had started. In the meantime, several downtown church leaders had been meeting about the same issues. The group was called In the City for Good. The steering committee for the Forums met and chose to take on that name. There are eight Action groups working with the issues of Living Wages, Transportation, Affordable Housing, Sustainability, Social Services, Education, Social Justice and Historic Preservation.


March 2021 Activities


  We WILL be having a March Housing Action Team meeting this coming Monday, March 8, at 7:30. Dave Dunn, Olmsted County/Olmsted County HRA Housing Director, will be presenting an overview of the Maxfield Study. This is an important source of data for so much of all our housing conversations and planning here in Rochester. Please plan to join us online for this timely and necessary update. We will be sending the zoom link in a few days.

FORUM: ROCHESTER COMMUNITY INITIATVE Thursday March 18, 2021 6:30 to 8:00 p.m.  

Rochester Community Initiative is the enterprising youth-led association who organized the marches and rallies from Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr Park to Mayo Park after the death of George Floyd!!

 Come hear about how they came to organize, their activities, their goals and mission and upcoming activities, and hear from them how we can all make this a more just world!

 SOCIAL SERVICES/SOCIAL JUSTICE: In the City for Good and all across our community are individuals wanting to respond to issues in our community related to social justice, poverty, homelessness, etc.  We are looking for advocates like yourselves to join our action team to make a different in the many social and justice issues in our community and state.  Please join us- respond to this email with your name!


Watch for upcoming meeting information.



 Know Your Local Government: City of Rochester
Thursday, March 18, 2021

7:00 P.M. to 8:30 P.M.

Join Zoom Event: 

(See below for other ways to join.)

Do you ever wonder where the lines of authority are drawn between the city, the county, and the school district? Do you know what responsibilities the City Administrator and City Council have? How is our city financed and what does it spend money on? The League of Women Voters wants your committed active participation on issues concerning rights, duties, and qualities of life within your community. But, you might want to know more before you try to effect change. Please join us for the first in our “Get to Know Your Local Government” series. On Thursday, March 18, we’ll focus on Rochester city government. We will welcome guest speakers:

  • Alison Zelms - City Administrator
  • Brooke Carlson - City Council President
  • Nick Campion - City Council Member, 3rd Ward
  • Sarah Strauss - Rochester-Olmsted Youth Commission Member

Each will give an overview or discuss their work in city government on behalf of citizens, including case studies. They will then collectively take questions from our audience.

Other options for joining the Zoom event: 

If you are already logged in to Zoom, you can use

  • Meeting ID: 979 3296 5757
  • Passcode: 857890

To participate by phone only

  • Dial: (312) 626-6799 (note this is long distance and landline users will need to dial a 1 first)
  • Meeting ID: 979 3296 5757 (you will be told to follow with a #)
  • Participant ID: enter # to skip
  • Passcode: 857890 (you will be told to follow with a #)

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Purpose of the site
A sub-site of Community Beam, the City4Good website is being prototyped by  to help the "In the City For Good initiative" to better collaborate.
Community Status/News

May is Mental Health Awareness Month (May 04, 2021)

SE MN Regional Crisis Center to open in July. 

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Minnesota Compass (April 27, 2021)

OpenBeam presentation at MN Compass, RPL workshop

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Press Release on Death of Daunte Wright (April 13, 2021)

NAACP Rochester's Press Release on Death of Daunte Wright. 

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City Council NLC Racial Equity Study Session (April 13, 2021)

4/12 City Council NLC Racial Equity in Local Government Study Session. 

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How to approach a DEI improvement project (April 07, 2021)

 Use the Listen, Learn and Act model to support new DEI leaders in our community. 

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NAACP, Rochester Chapter Hosting Three Spring Events (March 22, 2021)

  Three NAACP events: Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry Forum, The Page Amendment, COVID 19:  A Health Forum 

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Confront and Combat Anti-Asian Racisms (March 19, 2021)

  Messages from: (1) CAAL  (2) CAPM confronting racisms against Asian Americans.  

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