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Rochester Reading Champions (Literacy Tutoring)

Rochester Reading Champions is a forward looking community program that started in summer 2014. It brings trained volunteers with a passion for literacy, together with members of our community who are struggling to read, and lack means to access help.

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Project Information

About the project

Project Phase:



Caring Relationship, Children & Youth, Education, Reading    


Contact: Gail Harris ; Email: TBD ; Phone: 507.328.2373

Lead Organization: Mayo Clinic, Rochester Public Library

Collaborators: Boys and Girls Club of Rochester ; Community Education: Hawthorne Education Center ; Rochester Public Library

Related Projects

Closing referral disparities (resolution agreement with Office of Civil Rights) ; Cradle to Career


Detailed Description


Keys to Success

By meeting students at locations that they already frequent, Rochester Reading Champions has been successful at eliminating key barriers to achievement including transportation and cost.

Our Volunteer Tutors


• Complete the 120 hour Orton-Gillingham (O-G) training, a phonics based approach, from The Reading Center
• Provide free, 1 to 1 instruction at least 2x/week, giving students between 80 -100 lessons (45-60 minutes per lesson) total.
• Receive ongoing training & support.




Project Status/News


Related PlanScape Status

Caring Relationship, Children & Youth, Education, Reading  

December 10, 2019: Journey to Growth Plan 5 Year Conclusion and Celebration

Per PB Reporting: "While the five-year timeline for the Journey to Growth initiative has wrapped up, the work of diversifying Southern Minnesota's economy continues."  


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July 31, 2019: Rochester Area Family Y

Y Membership Scholarship Application Announcement.

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July 26, 2019: Rochester Public Schools Superintendent Evaluation Study Group

Study session by the school board on evaluating the superintendent. 

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July 17, 2019: Closing referral disparities (resolution agreement with Office of Civil Rights)

2018-2019 Report presented to RPS school board and comparison with 2018 reporting. 

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July 08, 2019: Diversity Council Recipient of 2019 Anti-Racism Initiative Category

Diversity Council selected as recipient of the 2019 Nonprofit Mission Award in the category of Anti-Racism Initiative  


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    June 23, 2019: Rochester Community & Technical College Compassion/Equity

    Minutes from June 4th, 2019, compassion/equity scheduling workshop

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    May 24, 2019: Rochester Area Family Y

     Y has received a grant from the Schulze Family Foundation which allows us to provide 400 Rochester high schooler’s a free summer members through our Get Summer program.

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    May 24, 2019: Mayo High School School Within a School (SWS)

    Four Mayo SWS students and their teacher made a huge impression at Kiwanis Club of Rochester. 

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